These video tutorials will support your use of the A-Z guide to online sources.

  1. In this first video (6 minutes), Dr. Conor Curran outlines how and why you should use online primary and secondary sources in your academic work.
  2. Learn how to search for journal article using the university library. (5 minutes)
  3. In this video (5 minutes) Dr. Conor Curran shows how to search the Irish Newspaper Archive database.
  4. Learn how to search the Irish Census in this next video
  5. Learn how to write a history essay and referencing in Irish Historical Studies (IHS) style.
  6. In this video, the use of historiography in books and articles is discussed and strategies for how students can engage with historiography in your writing.
  7. Learn in more detail how to effectively integrate historiography into your writing.
  8. In this video, Dr. Peter Connell discusses how to choose a historical research. topic 
  9. Learn how to find an original topic for your historical research project. 
  10. Dr. Peter Connell describes in the next video tutorial how to find primary sources in Irish archives.