A-Z of Historical Online Resources


Academic Search Complete [University login needed]

Contains journals, periodicals, reports and books.



This contains 1,735 biographies of people who were connected to the Irish language from 1560 onwards.


Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu (ARSI)

This website contains catalogues relating to biographical research on the Jesuits.


Ask about Ireland

AskAboutIreland.ie and the Cultural Heritage Project are initiatives of public libraries. Together with local museums and archives the digitisation and online publication of material from local studies’ collections has been utilised to create a national Internet resource for culture.


BBC History

This is the history section of the website of the BBC and it contains articles and podcasts.


Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) [University login needed]

 Described as ‘the most extensive guide available to published writing on British and Irish history’, this contains links to the Institute of Historical Research in London and the University of London.


British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography (BIAB)

This website contains almost 200,000 references covering archaeology and the historic environment.


Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature (BILL)

This contains material relating to Irish linguistics and literature.


BOSTON College Frontrow-history

Contains recordings of lectures on historical topics.


Books in Print [DCU library login needed]

A search engine for books.



The website of Brepolis publishers and its partners, it contains links to websites such as the Bibliography of British and Irish History.


British Pathé News (in Ireland)

Contains historical clips and footage of events.


Bureau of Military History

Initiated by the Military Archives and the National Archives, this website contains witness statements, reports, photographs and documents.


Cambridge Journals Online [University login needed]

 The online publishing service of Cambridge University Press, this website contains journals such as Irish Historical Studies.


Celtic Digital Initiative (CDI)

This website was established with the aim to make ‘scarce resources available in an electronic format to students and scholars, both within UCC and beyond.’ It is jointly funded by the Department of Early and Medieval Irish and by the Quality Promotion Unit.


Century Ireland

This project, which is produced by a team of researchers at Boston College Ireland and is funded by the government, focuses on events which took place in Ireland one hundred years ago.


Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT):

CELT, the Corpus of Electronic Texts, has a searchable online textbase consisting of 17.9 million words, in 1575 contemporary and historical documents from many areas, including literature and the other arts.


Census of Ireland (1901&1911)

This National Archives website contains census records from 1901 and 1911 and some parts of census records from 1821 to 1851.


Chronicling America

This website, produced by the USA’s National Digital Newspaper Programme, contains American newspapers dating from 1836 until 1922.



Contains almost 100 British and Irish academic, nationalist and specialist library catalogues.


DCU Library

Contains links to historical sources such as books stored in St Patrick’s College Drumcondra and works available online as e-books. Students will also find access to Past Exam Papers, an A-Z of Journals and the Irish Newspaper Archive.


Discovery: The National Archives (England)

The United Kingdom government’s official archive.


DHO Discovery

Described as ‘a gateway to Irish digital collections and resources, information and knowledge. Discovery supports the interdisciplinary and inter-institutional sharing of knowledge throughout the HSIS (Humanities Serving Irish Society) consortium and digital research collections of Irish interest.’


Dictionary of Irish Architects (DIA)

This contains biographical and bibliographical information on architects, builders and craftsmen who were born in or resident in Ireland between 1720 and 1940 and it also holds information on related buildings.


Dictionary of Irish Biography (DIB)

A joint project run by Cambridge University Press and the Royal Irish Academy, it contains over 9,000 articles on individuals in a variety of fields from politics to sport.


Documenting Ireland: Parliament, People and Migration (DIPPAM):  

A virtual online archive complied by the Centre for Migration Studies, Omagh, it contains  material relating to Irish history and migration from the eighteenth century to the late twentieth century.


Down Survey (Maps)

The Down Survey was undertaken between 1656-8 under the guidance of William Petty.


Dublin Castle (History and Education)

Chronicles the history of Dublin Castle using maps, drawings and photographs.


Economic and Social History Society of Ireland

This organisation was established in 1970 to encourage the study of Irish economic and social history. It organises an annual conference and since 1974 has published a journal, Irish Economic and Social History, each year. The journal can be accessed below through SAGE:


Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland (EPPI)

EPPI contains a complete set of British Parliamentary Papers relating to Ireland and Irish affairs published during the period of the Act of Union (1801-1922).


English Short Title Catalogue (Early printed books)

Lists over 480,000 items mainly published in the British Isles and North America between 1473 and 1800


European HistBib

Contains links to websites of a number of national bibliographies which are participants in the European Historical Bibliographies project i.e. Irish History Online, Bibliography of British and Irish History.



This website is mainly a database of reports relating to Irish excavations from 1969 to 2015.


Family history:

This is a guide to researching family history which is run by the National Library of Ireland and contains relevant links such as census records.


Football Association of Ireland

The website of the governing body of soccer in the Republic of Ireland, it contains a brief section on the history of the game here.


Gaelic Athletic Association

This website contains background information on one of Ireland’s largest social and cultural organisations.


Genealogical Society of Ireland:

Ireland’s leading genealogical association, this is based in Dublin and publishes a journal annually.


Google Books

Contains publication and availability details and occasionally parts of books.


Griffith’s Valuation:

Published between 1847 and 1864, this was the first full-scale property valuation in Ireland and was overseen by Richard Griffith and is a significant nineteenth century genealogical source.


Group for the Study of Irish Historical Settlement:

Established in 1969, the Group ‘aims to examine the nature and development of Irish settlement.’


Historical Abstracts [University login needed]

This is a bibliographic database of historical articles from journals which cover events in the period from the 1400s to the present day.


Historical Thinking Matters

An American website dedicated to historical topics and the use of primary sources.


HistoryHub.ie (UCD)

This website contains archival material such as documents. It also features podcasts from UCD academics.


History Ireland

The website of the History Ireland magazine, which is published on a bi-monthly basis.


Internet History Sourcebooks

This website contains a number of useful texts in primary source format from various period of history.


The Irish Bibliography of Press History:

Established by the Newspaper and Periodical History Forum of Ireland, this is a website containing a bibliography of secondary academic sources on the history of print media in Ireland.


Irish History Online

This website contains a search engine for titles of journal and articles relating to Irish history published on an annual basis. It also includes books titles and the names of authors.


Irish Historic Towns Atlas

This project was founded in 1981 to charter the topographical development of a number of Irish towns.


Irish Historical Studies Rules for Contributors

This is a general guide to the proper conventions of the leading Irish history journal, although other journals have different styles for publication such as the Chicago style. Below are the rules currently in use as a guide for writing history essays at DCU.


Irish Newspaper Archive [University login needed]

 This website contains sixty national and regional newspapers in digitalised form. A keyword search allows the researcher to find reports and articles relating to a chosen subject within a specific date range.


Irish Rugby Football Union

This website contains information on the history of rugby in Ireland.


Irish Sagas Online

A website dedicated to translating the original texts of Medieval Irish sagas into modern Irish and English.


Irish Script On Screen

Established by the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for advanced Studies, the project aims to create digital images of Irish manuscripts for public accessibility.


Irish Times [University login needed]

 Contains over 150 years of the Irish Times newspaper accessible through a search engine.


JSTOR[University login needed]

This academic website contains primary sources, journal articles and books.


Landed estates database:

This website is maintained by the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the National University of Ireland in Galway, and contains an online database of all landed estates in Munster and Connacht from 1700 to 1914.


Learn about archives:

A website run by the Archives and Records Association dedicated to providing information on archives in Ireland.


LOCUS (Placenames project)

This website aims to create a new historical dictionary of Irish place names and tribal names and is run by the Department of Early and Medieval Irish at University College Cork.


LOGAINM (Place names)

This is the Placenames Database of Ireland, and has been developed by Fiontar and The Placenames Branch.


MEMSO (Calendars, editions)

This database contains rare historical titles from around the world.


Military Archives

This is the website of the Department of defence.


National Archives of Ireland

This is the website of the National Archives of Ireland which is based at Bishop Street.


National Library of Ireland

This is the website of the National Library of Ireland in Kildare Street.


National Monuments Service

A part of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, it plays a key role in the protection of our archaeological heritage.


National Register of Archives

This website contains records from the English National Archives at Kew and over 2,500 archives from the United Kingdom.


Newstalk- ‘Talking History’

Contains discussions relating to events and historical matters.


Ordnance Survey of Ireland (Historical Mapping):

This website contains an archive of the first large-scale survey of an entire country, which was completed by the Ordnance Survey in Ireland between 1829 and 1842.


Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: [DCU library login needed]

This website contains almost 60,000 biographies of figures involved in Britain’s history.


Oxford Journals [University login needed]

The online journal website of Oxford University Press, the largest university press in the world.


PADDI (Architecture):

This contains information on the built environment and environmental planning in Ireland and is jointly run by libraries at Queen’s University in Belfast and University College Dublin.


Project Muse

MUSE includes almost 400,000 articles and 960,000 chapters by 257 publishers.


PRONI: Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (Archives):

This is the official website of the leading archive for Northern Ireland, the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, which is based in Belfast.


PRONI online- the official Youtube channel of the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland


Includes lectures on a variety of themes relating to Irish history such as the Irish language, the Plantation of Ulster and sport  i.e.

PRONI-‘Playing the Game’: Sport, Ireland and the Great War


Proquest Dissertation & Theses: UK and Ireland [University login needed]

A database of doctoral theses in Britain and Ireland, said to be the most comprehensive collection of titles.


Research And Special Collections Available Locally:  RASCAL:

This is a website containing information on special collections available in Ireland.



This is a website containing a search engine for research publications.


Royal Irish Academy (Library):

This contains a guide to gaining access to the Royal Irish Academy’s library and its collections.


SAGE Journals Online [University login needed]

The official website of journals published by SAGE.


School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics at Queen’s University Belfast: Irish History Live

Contains links to lectures, bibliographies, book reviews and links to websites such as JSTOR and History Ireland.


Scopus [DCU library login needed]

One of the largest databases of literature, with access to journal articles available through a keyword search.



This National Library of Ireland website contains a search engine for Irish historical sources. It includes search engines for books and publications located there along with a newspaper database of material available in the National Library. These newspapers can generally be viewed through using the microfilm facilities in the library while some are available only in hardcopy and a reader’s ticket is necessary to gain entry.


Taylor and Francis Online [University login needed]

 This website contains journal articles, contact and article submission details of those published by Taylor and Francis.


The Avalon Project

Run by the Yale Law School, this website contains documents in history as well as law and diplomacy.


Thesaurus Linguae Hiberniae:

This is a tool for online research for the study of texts in Early and Medieval Irish.


The National Archives (England and Wales):

This is the official website of the National Archives of England and Wales which is located in Kew.